It is extremely difficult for an organisation to continue to operate and increase market share without first securing every aspect of that business. To maintain competitive advantage without Security would be impossible. Security is the Cornerstone of the Mitigate business and will always be core to the Services we provide.

Mitigate was built on monitoring, identifying and remediating the inherent risk associated with Networking and sharing information with customers and business partners.

We monitor all the Security devices and outputs in our clients’ environment 24 x 7. This data is collected at a central point and then analysed for threats and anomalies which are then correlated to ensure no duplication of effort. The next steps include analysing to eradicate false positives and use a methodology that allows us to address the worst threats first. We also provide onsite remediation services which are a necessity in the larger environments where the focus is more on Application and Infrastructure availability as opposed to cleaning and maintaining the integrity and Security of the client environment.

Our experience has shown that it is much easier to identify and eradicate threats in a clean environment hence we are constantly busy reducing the noise and this is portrayed to our clients when we produce our reports for them.  The client can also continue with using their own resources to remediate the threat, Mitigate will alert them to the fact that there is a problem and pass the trouble shooting ticket onto them.

The security incidents and tracking thereof is an integral part of a centralised SOC, however this view can be provided to the responsible parties at the client site via customised and client-based dashboards.