Mitigate Overview

Our focus is on creating economies of scale by providing SOC and security infrastructure as well as the professional personnel that are required to ensure effectiveness of the solution deployed.

Mitigate was initially formed to deliver services in the public sector space. The Company has rapidly expanded its engagements into the corporate as well as public enterprise space, delivering outsourced security services that are based on economies of scale that provide least cost, high value services in what is fast becoming a key focus of all network owners, focused on protecting private and public information stored within these networks.

Mitigate has presented papers and presentations at many Industry related forums and conventions including Govtech.

With unique experience in the creation of enterprise Secure Operations Centres we have built a reputation of success that has seen key players in the public and private sectors tasking the GSOC with 24/7 management of their secure data.

Compliance to new acts such as POPI is dependent on a reliable solution around the security infrastructure within your network, this requires skill, solutions capability and experience.

Our key strength is in our focus, we do not want to assume responsibilities other than security within an organisation as this would create an integrity issue as there needs to be segregation of duties to ensure no one entity becomes the player and referee thus compromising the integrity of a security solution.